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Send sms/txt from your Computer

Providing you with an easy and convenient solution to sending text (txt/sms) messages to mobile phones from your PC, computer, workstation, tablet and/or laptop at a very low price.

So using your keyboard not your thumb to compose your messages plus offering several other benefits

  • Converts English Text to Txt e.g. great to gr8 if required
  • Provides History of yTxt's sent
  • Uses online address book
  • Allows you to copy from previous yTxt messages
  • Can use often used snipets in your messages
  • Easily send same messages to multiple mobiles
  • Can use you password to send Txt from any Pc
  • If required will send message as email as well

Don't need to hunt for that mobile in the office or use your own to sent messages to client's. Or when you are browsing the web and decide to send a txt you can do it stright away with ease.

Try it now for Free for a limited time only.

If you have any questions please use contact us page to send us a message.

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